Who We Are

The Campus Girl Scouts of Brandeis University were chartered in the Fall of 2002. Our membership includes both guys and girls, former scouts, current scouts, and people with no scouting experience. Now that we're official, we've got lots of energy and are ready to go!

What We Do

We're about two things: service and fun. We have activities occurring both on- and off-campus, for just us and with scouts k through 12. Our activities include:

  • Participating and volunteering at Council events
  • Creating our own events with and for scouts in the greater-Boston area
  • Running fun events on campus for just us!
  • All of the above with scouts from other universities in the Boston area! We are very flexible. If you have an idea, we'll help you put it into action!

    Remember, you don't need to have past Girl Scout experience, and don't be fooled! Guys can be Girl Scouts too!

    This webpage is in progress -- come back soon for more information!
    Or email Tricia for more information or to be added to our email list!