Professor Kerry Chase

Department of Politics

Brandeis University

Mailstop 058

(781) 736-2725


I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Politics at Brandeis University. I am also the Director of Graduate Studies for Politics. Please visit the Graduate Programs in Politics site to find out about our Ph.D. and M.A. programs.

International relations are my primary research and teaching focus, particularly international political economy, international organizations, and U.S. foreign economic policy.

Links to my publications and in-progress research are in the Research tab. My current book manuscript, Commerce and Culture: The Contentious Politics of Filmed Entertainment, is being revised for publication in 2016. My first book, Trading Blocs: States, Firms, and Regions in the World Economy, was published by the University of Michigan Press. I have published journal articles in International Organization, World Trade Review, Business and Politics, and Review of International Political Economy. My next research project will examine the U.S. Congress and international organizations.

Links to my course syllabi are in the Courses tab. I teach introductory courses on International Relations (POL 15A) and International and Global Studies (IGS 10A); upper-level courses on U.S. Foreign Economic Policy (POL 173A) and International Political Economy (POL 172B); and a graduate course on International Organizations (POL 214B). As the graduate director, I coordinate the Politics department’s graduate proseminar (POL 340D).

My courses satisfy major requirements in the Politics Department, the International and Global Studies (IGS) program, and some other majors and programs such as Economics, Global Studies, and Legal Studies.