Professor Kerry Chase

Department of Politics

Brandeis University

Mailstop 058

(781) 736-2725


Trading Blocs:

States, Firms, and Regions in the World Economy

Global commerce is rapidly coalescing around regional trading blocs in North America, Western Europe, Pacific Asia, and elsewhere, with enormous consequences for the world trading system. Trading Blocs examines how domestic politics have driven the emergence of these trading blocs. Kerry A. Chase argues that businesses lobby for trading blocs in order to gain economies of scale or move stages of production abroad. His case studies of domestic trade politics illustrate why recent regional trading arrangements have consistently promoted trade liberalization rather than protectionist backlash.

"Chase has written a superb book that provides us with an innovative and compelling explanation for the development of trading blocs."

Vinod Aggarwal, Director, Berkeley APEC Study Center, University of California, Berkeley.

"Chase has positioned his theory as a dynamic one that cleverly integrates increasing returns to scale with the more recent development of production-sharing networks."

Alan M. Rugman, L. L. Waters Chair in International Business, Indiana University, Bloomington, in Perspectives on Politics 4:4 (December 2006).

"Trading Blocs is an excellent addition to the growing literature on regionalism, which combines an innovative argument with a rigorous and comprehensive empirical analysis."

Andreas Dur, School of Politics and International Relations, University College Dublin, in Journal of Common Market Studies 44:5 (December 2006).

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