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Introduction and History of Medical Sociology

Chapter 1 Medical Sociology at the Millennium
by Chloe E. Bird, Peter Conrad, and Allen M. Fremont
Chapter 2 The Institutionalization of Medical Sociology in the United States, 1920-1980
by Samuel Bloom

Social Context of Health and Illness

Chapter 3 Evaluating the Fundamental Cause Explanation for Social Disparities in Health
by Bruce G. Link and Jo C. Phelan
Chapter 4 Links between Social Status and Health Status
by John Mirowsky, Catherine E. Ross, and John Reynolds
Chapter 5 The Importance of Culture in Sociological Theory and Research on Stress and Mental Health: A Missing Link?
by Robin W. Simon
Chapter 6 Socioeconomic Inequalities in Health: An Enduring Sociological Problem
by Stephanie A. Robert and James S. House
Chapter 7 Sociological Explanations of Gender Differences in Mental and Physical Health
by Patricia P. Rieker and Chloe E. Bird
Chapter 8 Race, Ethnicity, and Health
by Chris Smaje
Chapter 9 Political Economy of Health and Aging
by Carroll L Estes, Steven Wallace, and Karen W. Linkins
Chapter 10 Environment and Health
by Phil Brown

Health and Illness Behavior and Experience

Chapter 11 The Sociology of Health Behavior and Health Lifestyles
by William C. Cockerham
Chapter 12 On Chronic Illness and Disability
by Michael Bury
Chapter 13 Experiencing Illness in/and Narrative
by Susan E. Bell

Organization of Health Services

Chapter 14 The Medical Profession and Organization Change: From Professional Dominance to Countervailing Power
by Donald W. Light
Chapter 15 Tides of Change: The Evolution of Managed Care in the United States
by Douglas R. Wholey and Lawton R. Burns
Chapter 16 Reconfiguring the Sociology of Medical Education: Emerging Topics and Pressing Issues
by Frederic W. Hafferty
Chapter 17 The Evolving Relationship Between Medical Sociology and Health Policy
by Bradford H. Gray and James O'Leary

Medical Care

Chapter 18 Changing Patient-Physician Relationships in the Changing Health-Policy Environment
by Howard Waitzin
Chapter 19 The Growing Acceptance of Complementary and Alternative Medicine
by Michael S. Goldstein
Chapter 20 Quality of Life in Health, Illness, and Medical Care
by Debra Lerner and Carolyn E. Schwartz
Chapter 21 Technology and Medical Practice
by Stefan Timmermans
Chapter 22 Medicalization, Genetics, and Human Problems
by Peter Conrad

Areas of Collaboration and Future Directions for Medical Sociology

Chapter 23 Social and Psychological Factors, Physiological Processes, and Physical Health
by Allen Fremont and Chloe E. Bird
Chapter 24 Medical Sociology and Health Psychology
by Debra Umberson, Kristi Williams, and Susan Sharp
Chapter 25 Social Epidemiology and Medical Sociology: Different Approaches to the Same Problem
by S. Leonard Syme and Irene H. Yen
Chapter 26 "Parallel Sisters": Medical Anthropology and Medical Sociology
by Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good and Byron Good
Chapter 27 The Sociology of Health in Developing Countries
by Eugene B. Gallagher, Thomas J. Stewart, and Terry D. Stratton
Chapter 28 The Sociological Imagination and Bioethics
by Charles L. Bosk
Chapter 29 Confronting the Second Social Contract: The Place of Medical Sociology in Research and Policy for the Twenty -First Century
by Bernice A. Pescosolido, Jane McLeod, and Margarita Alegria

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