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The Handbook of
Medical Sociology

is a publication of
Prentice-Hall, Inc.
© 2000
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Chloe E. Bird, Brown University
Peter Conrad, Brandeis University
Allen Fremont, Harvard University

The 5th Edition of the Handbook of Medical Sociology is a concise and provocative review of classic, contemporary, and emerging issues in the sociological study of health and health care. This edition is both broader and more succinct than the previous editions. It contains 29 entirely new chapters, inclusive of the range of issues important in the sociology of health and illness and written by authors who hold a variety of perspectives. Many new topic areas are included such as inequality and health, gender and health, sociology of emotions, environment and health, experience of illness, managed care, health policy, alternative medicine, medicalization and genetics, and interdisciplinary chapters on sociology and health psychology, medical anthropology, social and psychological factors, social epidemiology and medical ethics.