Welcome to the website of the Brandeis University Cricket Club!

We are a relatively small club with members from around the globe, namely India and Pakistan, with a handful of others from the West Indies, other parts of the British Commonwealth, and the United States. Our small size, however, does not deter us from enjoying the wonderful sport of Cricket. Due to the weather conditions of the New England region, there are no set times for when practices and matches are played, however most of our games are played midday on Sundays. If you would like to join the Cricket Club or find out more information, please e-mail: cricket@brandeis.edu.

The website for the Brandeis University Cricket Club is still under-construction, but if you have any photos, information, links, or anything else that would contribute to making this website more complete, please e-mail the webmaster at: asingh@brandeis.edu.

Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you come out and play!


Brandeis University Cricket Club
Email: Cricket@brandeis.edu
Webmaster: asingh@brandeis.edu