For Business:

Named after the famed Brandeis student, Jassa Singh Chawla ('03), Chawla Pitch is at the top most portion of a two-layered concrete parking structure located at Brandeis University's off-campus Charles River Apartments. With the aid of an artificial pitch, when using a hard ball, or on the plain concrete, when using tennis balls, Chawla Pitch provides the Brandeis Cricket Club with a large enough area to play a decently active match. Historically, the Cricket Club has used trash cans, parking pylons, and chairs as wickets, as devotion for the game has been very strong amongst its members, never letting a lack of equipment hinder gameplay. Recently, the club has acquired the necessary equipment to play proper cricket. Rules on scoring, such as boundary markings, scoring of 4's and 6's, and so on, are decided before each match due to the build of the parking structure.

Located next to the Brandeis/Roberts Commuter Rail Station, the practice field for the Brandeis Soccer Team, when available for use, allows the Cricket Club to play on green grass along with its artificial pitch. Since it is not guaranteed for use, Chawla Pitch is the most chosen location for gameplay. However, when it is used, the large expanse of green gives a more realistic feel to the game and a more active match.

For Pleasure:

On laid-back, easy-going days, the Cricket Club plays small games on the Great Lawn in front of the Shapiro Campus Center, using the walkway to the Campus Center as the pitch. The only equipment necessary are a few bats and especially many tennis balls (as many of them are lost on the roof of the Campus Center). The games played are for fun, so anyone is welcome to join in for fielding, bowling, and even batting or even just to watch and learn how to play the game.

Brandeis University Cricket Club