Q: How do I add/drop classes?

During regular registration periods you may add or drop a class online. At any other time (but before the "last day" deadline) Where do I find a list of available courses for next semester?there is a specific form that needs to be filled out. You can get this form at Student Services. You will need a professor's signature as well as your SS Advisor (Chris, Viola or Karen) to sign. Then you must take the form to the Registrar's Office.

Q: Where do I find a list of available courses for next semester?

You can find a list of available courses in Sage by selecting the appropriate semester and specifying a proper course number range. Hard copies of the available classes will also be available outside of the Student Services office when it gets close to registration time.

Q: How do I audit a class?

In order to register, you must fill out an add/drop form and get the permission of the instructor. This form then has to be taken to your Student Services Advisor for signature. Students pay at the same rate as a class taken for credit. Auditors may not take exams or expect evaluation from the instructor. There is no credit given for an audited course.

Q: Can I take courses in other Brandeis Schools and departments or with one of our Boston-area partner schools?

Yes, within program-specific limits and only one course per semester is allowed. You need to obtain prior approval from your program director for such a class. There is also a cross registration agreement among several Boston universities and colleges: Boston University, Boston College, Tufts University, Bentley University, and Babson College. This provides access to a wealth of specialized courses in many fields. For more information, go to:

Q: Can I drop classes I have been pre-registered for?

A course that a student has been pre-registered for is a required course, so typically, the answer would be no. If a student wishes to get an exemption, or take this course at another time, s/he should see his/her advisor.

Q: When should a student petition for an exemption?

A student must file their exemption petitions in the first semester of their first year.