Basic Information

Q: How do I pay my tuition?

Please refer to the Student Financial Services website for payment options. Please note that Visa credit cards are not accepted.
The Student Financial Services strongly recommend students use the Travelex PAY24-7 because it makes tracking payments easier. If the student properly logs into Travelex PAY24-7 and registers their payment each time the SFS can have a much easier time identifying and allocating payments to the correct student's account in a timely manner.
Often times when payments are wired directly to Brandeis, especially if a payment needs to be made through an intermediary bank, identifying information is lost en route and the SFS ends up with payments that they can not identify who the payments are for and students don't get the payment credited to their account until the SFS can identify who it is for. Travelex supplies the SFS with reports that identify the student and payment and make it much faster and clearer to credit your account.
In China, you can make a Travelex transfer in most of the commercial banks(such as ICBC, CITIC Bank, Bank of China, etc.) just like any ordinary wire transfers after you register online. If you have any difficulty paying your tuition, you can directly consult the Student Financial Services.

Q: What's my address at Brandeis?

Your address is:

    Your Name
    415 South St.
    Brandeis University
    Waltham, MA 02453

All students have the same address(the MS number doesn't change).

Q: How do I put WhoCash on my ID card?

You can put WhoCash on your ID card by going to the Campus Card office in person at Kutz and paying with cash or check. You can also put money on your card online with a debit or credit card by going to their website and logging in to your account. Keep in mind that you will be charged a $1.00 service fee for adding money to your account online. There is no additional fee if you add the money in person at Kutz.

Q: What is the difference between my SAGE ID and the number on my ID card?

Your SAGE ID is an 8-digit number that starts with the number 2. You can find it on SAGE on any of your unofficial transcripts. You will need your SAGE ID number if you are manually adding/dropping a class or filling out any sort of official paperwork. The number on your ID card and your name is given to Security to make sure that you have access to IBS on weekends and evenings when the school is locked.

Q: What are the types of library resources available? How do I use ILL (inter-library loan)? How do I check out items? How do I use the electronic resources? Who can I contact for help with research projects?

The best single person to contact with any of these questions is Jason Bernard in Library Service. He can be reached by Email: