May 2015 - Pranava Keerthi has joined the group for the summer as a visiting undergraduate from IISc, Bangalore. Welcome Pranava!

April 2015 - Abebu has been awarded a Faculty for the Future Fellowship from the Schlumberger Foundation. Congratulations Abebu!

January 2015 - Alex Farberg has joined the group as a first year graduate student. Welcome Alex!

October 2014 - Abebu Kassie has joined the group as a first year graduate student. Welcome Abebu!

September 2014 - Dr. Samantha Burgess has joined the group as a postdoctoral associate. Welcome Samantha!

January 2014 - Fahad Alqahtani has joined the Wade Group for his M.S. research. Dave Kim and Olivia Gunther have also joined the lab as undergraduate researchers. Welcome Fahad, Dave, and Olivia!

December 2013 - Duxia Cao, a visiting scholar from Univ of Jinan, Shandong China has joined the group. Welcome Duxia!

October 2013 - The Wade Group officially welcomes new graduate students Ben Reiner and Sarah Baranowski.

September 2013 - The Wade Group welcomes its first undergraduate researcher, Rebecca Sternberg.

August 2013 - The lab is taking shape. Our new MBraun glovebox, Hank, is up and going! And best wishes to Ariel Hyre who is off to BU for grad school.

July 2013 - Lab setup is underway with the help of Ben Reiner and Ariel Hyre.