3d Digital Artists

Our work

Jeremy's "Glass Box"

Wayne's "Floss"

Xuan's "Shards"

Wayne's "Nukei Shuttle"

Ben's "Imagination 1"

Ben's "Imagination 2"

Ben's "Imagination 3"

Ben's "Imagination 4"

Ben's "Imagination 5"

Ben's "Imagination 6"

Peter's "Beach 1"

Peter's "Beach 2"

Peter's "Beach 3"

Peter's "Beach 4"

Peter's "Volleyball Champion"

Peter's ...wtf?!

Learn more about the amazing game of CotoBall at http://www.freehostz.com/cotoball/sshot.htm

Andrej's "Ship 1"

Andrej's "Ship 2"

Andrej's "Ship 3"

Meeting Times

8:00 pm

Thursday, March 17

Goldfarb Classroom Cluster