I.    Purpose
Shalem is Brandeis's Jewish GLBTA group, which works to both create a community for GLBT Jews and their allies and educate the community-at-large.

II.    Membership
          a. Any Shalem member that participates in at least one Shalem activity or meeting within the academic year will be considered an active member.
          b. All members must be subscribed to the list serve.

III.    Officers
          a. There will be at least 2 officers, who will divide up the duties listed below.
          b. The officers for the up-coming semester will be chosen by the standing officers.
          c. The duties of the officers shall include: determining the date and time of Shalem meetings, financial liaison, speaker liaison, secretary, publicity, and event organizing..

IV.    Meetings
The date and time of Shalem meetings will be determined each semester according to the schedules of the officers. Shalem will meet once every two weeks, minimum, with a focus on planning events.

V.    Constitution and Amendments
          a. The constitution shall be adopted by a two-thirds vote of members participating in the vote.
          b. Amendments shall be adopted by a two-thirds vote of member participating in the vote.
          c. An updated constitution must be sent to the Club Resource Coordinator any time an amendment is passed.

VI.    Statement of Non-Exclusivity
Shalem is open to all members of the Brandeis Community.? Shalem does not discriminate against members on the basis of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, class, age, nationality, or physical ability.

VII.    Request to be recognized
Shalem is asking to be recognized.
Shalem Constitution