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An intro to Pac-Man

What is Pac-Man?

the pac-man maze

Pac-man is an arcade game, originally released in 1989. It was designed by Toru Iwatani, a Japanese game developer. Pac-Man is the best-selling arcade game of all time, with over 350,000 units sold. It also spawned several sequels, including the popular Ms. Pac-Man, which offered updated graphics and slightly tweaked gameplay mechanics.

How is it played?

The original game is played with a joystick. The player manuevers Pac-man around a maze, trying to eat as many pellets as possible while avoiding the ghosts. If Pac-Man touches a ghost, he loses a life. However, if Pac-Man eats one of the blinking pellets, (called Power Pellets), the ghosts turn blue and Pac-Man can eat them for points. The more ghosts Pac-Man eats before they turn back to their regular colors, the more points the player gets. Once a stage is cleared of dots, a new one begins. After every few levels, there is an intermission cutscene.

What are the characters?

Pac-Man has several characters:
  1. pac-man Pac-Man is the main character of the game. Although it is often said that Pac-Man's body is modelled after a slice of pizza, this is not strictly true. Iwatani, the creator, said that the design is also based on the Japanese character for the word "mouth".

  2. pac-man Blinky is the red ghost, and the most dangerous. He increases greatly in speed once a certain number of dots are eaten. The higher the level, the sooner this happens. The accelerated Blinky is unofficially referred to as Cruise Elroy, which may be a reference to Elroy Jetson. Apart from Blinky, the ghost speeds are equal and constant.

  3. pac-man Pinky is the pink ghost. She is a tasteful shade of lavender.

  4. pac-man Inky is the blue ghost. He is rather dashing.

  5. pac-man Clyde is the orange ghost. In Pac-Man, he is just like all of the other ghosts, but in Ms. Pac-Man, he seems to be a bit of a klutz.

How do I score points?

Most Pac-Man players try to get the high score. There are several ways of scoring points in Pac-Man:

Fruit Tables

Name Image Points
Cherry cherry 100
Strawberry strawberry 300
Peach peach 500
Apple apple 700
Grapes grapes 1000
Galaxian galaxian 2000
Bell bell 3000
Key key 5000
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