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Deanne Taylor
PhD in Biophysics (2001) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI

Instructor, Brandeis, Bioinformatics Graduate Program (2003-)
Assistant Professor, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Rutgers University, New Jersey.
Former Program Director, Bioinformatics Graduate Program (2006-2008)

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PANP is a method developed to make presence/absence calls on certain Affymetrix gene expression chips.
It was developed by a former Brandeis Bioinformatics graduate student, Peter Warren.
It is now part of the Bioconductor release.

PANP 2005 information here.

Current Research Interests

Bioinformatics analysis of genetic determinants of disease
Development of next-generation sequencing analysis and data management tools and workflows.

Systems Biology
Systems genetics: merging analysis of genetic variations with functional genomics
Comparison of known signaling networks in tissues and cell cultures using whole-genome expression profiling.

Mechanisms of biological system evolution
How do whole systems adapt and change, and what kind of genomic changes can we observe across closely related species?


Deanne Marie Taylor, "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Coherence Transfer in a Homonuclear Two Spin-1/2 Solid-State System." Biophysics Graduate Program, University of Michigan 2001.

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