DMCA and Copyright Policy and Practices Survey Results

This is the general report provided by the survey company. It includes counts and percentages for each choice, and shows all of the text people entered for the "Other" choices. Note that for the numerical rankings at the bottom, the highlighted value is the mode, not the mean. The mean is in a column marked "Average" on the right.
This lists the average number of options people chose for questions where it was possible to select more than one option.
These reports match each question option with how satisfied people said they were with their overall solution. The average satisfaction over all people who responded is listed in a row marked AVERAGE.

Note that responses to different questions are mixed together, and that sometimes the response seems to have nothing to do with ranking. These reports simply correlate the data and do not attempt to explain the correlations. In theory, answers with average satisfaction higher than the overall average are more likely to represent easy, cheap, effective, and/or generally good policies and practices.

The second column lists the number of people who selected that option. Ratings for options with smaller populations are less likely to be representative of how the option relates to the entire higher education community.

This is a dump of a MySQL database containing the raw survey responses. If you use this data to produce additional reports that would be of interest to the community, I ask that you post them on the RESNET-L and SECURITY lists.