immortal wishes:
labor and transcendence
on a Japanese sacred mountain

Ellen Schattschneider

Duke University Press (2003)


Akakura Mountain Shrine

(See Chapter Two, "Between Worlds: Akakura's Architecture of Potential Transformation," esp. pp. 58-65, 77-83)

Since the founding of Akakura Mountain Shrine, worshippers have produced and dedicated paintings as offerings in the shrine.  Most of the paintings are displayed in the Shinden inner sanctuary; others are visible in the adjacent Reido ancestral shrine and the Five Lord Shrines (Godaimyoo) in the rear of the complex. Many depict revelatory visions experienced during shugyo (ascetic discipline)

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Thumb Nail
Description of Paintings
Hawk on branch Shinden Altar
Coiled dragon Shinden
  Swirling dragons Shinden
Waterfall of Fudo Shinden
Detail: Akakura Daigongen as a Young Man Shinden
Detail: Foundress and Disciples Shinden
Detail: two playing dragons Shinden
Kobo Daishi and the Foundress Shinden
Akakura Daigongen as Old Man (Detail from a Waterfall of Fudo painting) Shinden
Founder's Dream: Dragon and Full Moon Shinden (over front door)
Two Birds on branch. Shinden
Waterfall painting of Akakura Daigongen on Golden Cloud Shinden
Detail: Foundress Praying at base of waterfall Shinden
Akakura Daigongen as Young Man Reido
Fudo Myoo running Reido
Fudo Myoo seated by waterfallw Godaimyoo
Celestial Maiden Godaimyoo


SEE: "slide show" of paintings

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