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Food For Thought Resource Page


Food For Thought-
Deb Schacter, LICSW- contact for more information
Health Center-x63677
Peggy Campion (health educator)-x63693
Laura O'Gara, R.D. (nutritionist)-x63696
Mailman Psychological Center-x63670
Cate Dooley, LICSW (on-campus Eating Disorder consultant)-x63620
Dr. Gina Moser-Golub (specializes in eating disorders)-x68576
People Are Listening (Peer Counseling Hotline)- x6PAL9
Rape Crisis Hotline
Other service
Michele Rosenthal (Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs and First year services)-x63470
Rick Burr (Assistant Director for Sports Medicine Services)- x63640
Jeff Groden Thomas (Assistant Director of Campus Life)- x63550
Alwina Bennett (Coordinator Peer Counseling Organizations)- x63550


Deaconess Waltham Hospital- Eating Disorder Services (781)-647-6700
support group every third Saturday- open to public (call for more details)
Massachusetts Eating Disorder Association
MEDA offers supports groups, therapy, referrals, safe haven, programming and helpline- call (617)-558-1881 for more information
Harvard Eating Disoders Center
Call HEDC at 1-888-236-1188 for more information
Mclean Hospital 1-800-333-0338
Overeaters Anonymous (OA) 1-800-300-1329
Services for men and their families (781)-862-6170

Click on these websites for some information regarding eating disorders, body image, and nutrition.