Brandeis University Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance

We are the Brandeis University chapter of the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance. The FMLA is the college chapter of the Feminist Majority Foundation, a non-partisan feminist organization founded in 1987 by Eleanor Smeal. Since its inception, members of the Brandeis FMLA have fought for affirmative action, workers' access to labor unions, universal access to contraception and abortion, equal rights for gays and lesbians, and an end to domestic violence and human rights abuses worldwide. Our mailing list currently consists of over four hundred Brandeis students.

Regular events include Feminist Free Speech every other week, a coffeehouse every semester, tabling at club fairs, and voter registration drives. We've cosponsored events with Triskelion, Ahora, BBSO, Nashim, and many other clubs.