Brandeis University Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance

March for Women's Lives

There were too many pictures to choose from, so instead of displaying a few, here are links to directories of photos taken by Brandeis students. These photographers have graciously offered their pictures for public use, so please feel free to use them in any capacity you choose; if for publication, please include a credit with the photographer's name.

Spring 2004

Remember all those times that Marissa was running around snapping photos randomly? Well, here are the good ones. Enjoy! (Click on picture for larger version.)

We had a great turnout at our first meeting! (1/20/04)

Some board members at our first meeting (1/20/04)

Kate, our Finance Chair, displaying our spoils after the one-day marathon March for Choice ticket sales (2/3/04)

The March for Choice ticket sale money spread out in the pajamaed lap of Marissa, Events Chair (2/3/04)

A fraction of the crowd at the Boston pro-gay-marriage candlelight vigil (3/10/04)

A circle of FMLA and Trisk members after the candlelight vigil (3/10/04)

Don't try to get past Vice-Prez Sam without making a donation! (3/15/04)

Carly Bishow performs at our coffeehouse (3/15/04)

Amanda Milstein kills at our coffeehouse! (3/15/04)

Shanna Zell sings her heart out at our coffeehouse (3/15/04)

Have you ever seen such a great crowd?!? (3/15/04)

Our rockin' Kate Schutt concert! (3/25/04)

Maggie and Kate sell Feminade (Femonade?) at the SEA picnic to support the March (4/22/04)

Maggie and Kate pose with the leader of the free world (4/22/04)