Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

Welcome to the Societie Chaotique Brandesienne (SCB), the largest Brandeis student club. Ever. Period. Semicolon;

We've known for centuries that the best way to experience anything (except, perhaps, for surgery) is rough-shod and willy-nilly, with tangents and cosines and all those other things that serve to hold your interest and keep you young. All that Greyface-induced order in grammar school didn't do anything but put you to sleep. Don't let THEM tell you how you should learn.

Must Reads. Or don't. We don't care:

  • Who We Are
    Can you believe it...the Student Union recognized us! But we still don't recognize them.
  • What We Do
    Events, Meetings, and Strangeness
  • Why We Do It
    The Foundations of Discordianism
  • Our Favorites
    The best of the Discordian web. And just stuff. Stuff that we like. And some stuff we don't like.
  • The Sacred Archives