Wherefores and Whys and Whenceforths

A time has not yet been determined for Fall 2002. We'll let you know when we get one.


  • Discordian Awareness Week (March-ish)
    We take the week following Christian Awareness Week to evangelize Discoridianism. Last time all of our signs got ripped down, which was kinda neat. We must have pissed someone off.
  • X-Files Freak Show (Decemberish)
    A night of X-Files preceeding Fall finals. We only watch the best episodes. Ones like Jose Chung's From Outer Space and The Unnatural.
  • Sherman Philosophy Break (September-ish, January-ish)
    We take a day early in the semester to meet for lunch in our favorite bastion of chaos, the Sherman Dining Hall, and talk worldly talk while eating Aramark delights.

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