Our Club Charter

Societe Chaotique Brandesienne
If organized religion is the opium of the masses, then disorganized
religion is the marijuana of the lunatic fringe. - Kerry Thornley

Club Constitution

Club Name
This club shall be known officially as the Societe Chaotique Brandesienne. It can also be referred to unofficially as the Brandeis Discordian League, the Brandies Chaos Society, Fnord, and/or the SCB. And also "that wacko club."

Club Purpose
SCB exists for the purpose of promoting chaos and discord. It is founded based on the precepts of Discordianism as set forth in the Principia Discordia, which it accepts as canon. SCB believes above all else: the Enlightened take things Lightly. Or perhaps the Lightened take things Enlightenedly. We're not quite sure yet.

Club Charter
SCB shall exist as an officially recognized club in the Brandeis University Student Union, entitled to all benefits and limitations contained therein. SCB shall not officially recognize the Brandeis University Student Union, however.

Titles and roles of club officers
Club policy is set by the Chancellor with the assistance of two advisors, the Viceroy and the Chief Janitor. The papacy is open for the taking.

Definition of a member
Any being, living or dead, that knows of the SCB's existance is considered a member. As of the moment of its charter, the SCB became the largest club at Brandeis. And so it has been, so it shall remain.

Methods of selecting club officers
At the end of each academic term, new officers shall be appointed by existing officers. All officers have equal vote in executive board meetings, of which there are none. At least not officially. Unless they start to feel bad at being neglected, then we have them just to make them feel better. But not because we like them, 'cause we don't. Just so that's clear.

Nature and frequency of club meetings
SCB shall meet randomly at various locations and times around campus. Or at non-random times. Or at randomly assigned non-random times. Or just at times.

Method of adopting constitution
As this is a dictatorship, this constitution shall be approved when the Chancellor makes it so, and amended at the sole discretion of the executive board.

Statement of non-exclusivity
SCB is open to all members of the Brandeis community regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, hair color, skin color, religious belief (or lack thereof), height, weight, employment status, graduation status, veteran status, political view, intellectual ability, sanity, or desire to participate. Hail Eris. All Hail Discordia. Fnord?

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