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image.php.pngIntroduction to Statistics: A Week-long intensive workshop approach


Stephen Fournier



Monday to Friday, January 4 to January 8



Heller G4 (9:00 to 12:00), follow-up questions in the afternoon



This is the site you should check regularly for links to additional readings, data sets and other items of interest. Readings for the day will be provided here: everything you need will be made available either on-line as a PDF file or as a link to another web-site.


Each day in class, I will provide you with a lecture portion which will cover the basic topics for the day. I will also demonstrate how to use Stata and/or Excel to generate what we have discussed.


You should have a good lunch break, then either use your own computer or move to the computer cluster to work with Stata and generate the results requested from the dataset(s) provided.


I will be available again in the afternoon in Room G4 to discuss any issues you may have run across.