Links to learn about Stata

There are a number of resources available to learn about Stata. However, once location offers a single source for a number of excellent looks at various aspects of this program.

It is the statistical computing page located at the University of California and it provides a wonderful array of topics surrounding not just Stata but also SPSS, SAS and others.

Looking at detail for the bivariate tests

We learned to use and understand some parametric bivariate tests : correlation, ttest, and ANOVA. Full detail on the outpur for each of these tests isprovided on that page under the topic Annotated Output.

Data Management

There is also a very nice section related to data management in Stata which provides most of the basics that you will require.


This site also offers a trendous amount of self-learning material related to regression analysis. There is a link to using regression in Stata which provides a very well documented set of instructions for reading in data, modifying and transforning variables, running regressions and interpretting them.

If you peek about on this website you will find a wealth of materials that will probably serve you very well.