Data work-descriptive statistics and t-tests

Please read Hyperstat chapter 8


I have provided a dataset with detail on house pricing in both Excel and Stata.

Demonstrate your understanding of the material by generating the following statistics.


1.    For the continuous variables (price, square feet, yard size) please generate mean, median, min, max , range, variance and standard deviation.

2.    What are the correlations between price and these two others? Are these correlations significant? What is the sign? Is it appropriate?

3.    Use t-tests to determine if there is a difference in price by whether or not the house has a:

a.     Dishwasher

b.    Fence

c.     Sprinkler system

d.    Laundry room

e.     View

f.      Is located in La Jolla itself

4.    Run a regression with Price as a function of square feet. Discuss the results.

Please write a sentence or so for each of these.

Do have fun. Learn. Bring questions.

See you Thursday