This is the "Browsing Version", under construction, of the Brandeis Solid-State Reaction Database

In this listing, you will find the output of groups that have carried out, or continue to carry out, research in solid-state reactivity.  The pages are organized to give an historical perspective of individual group output.  At a later time, we will be adding annotations to each group page, and still later, the database will also appear, where possible, classified by reaction types.  If you'd like to help update these pages, or have corrections/additions, please contact Bruce Foxman.  If your group is not here yet, it will be as time passes...hopefully not too far in the future!  Alternatively, you may submit your references as a Word or as an HTML file, in the format used in these pages.

   David Y. Curtin and Iain C. Paul

   Joseph W. Lauher and Frank W. Fowler

    John R. Scheffer

    Gerhard M. J. Schmidt

Bruce Foxman (  Last updated 01 March 2005