Welcome to the Brandeis X-ray Structure Determination Facility!


Users within the University, as well as external academic users, are welcome to use the facility, which consists of a Bruker-Nonius Kappa Apex II CCD instrument and a Nonius CAD-4 linear diffractometer, equipped with Mo and Cu radiation sources, respectively. The current fee is under revision. It may be possible to waive the fee, upon application, if the user has no funds to support X-ray work.


All inquiries should be directed to Dr. Diane A. Dickie, dadickie at brandeis.edu, 781-736-2534. Upon request, details of crystal mounting requirements or service and other issues will be sent to you by email.


Industrial users are also welcome and are invited to discuss the Facility's fee structure with Dr. Dickie. Do expect that for-profit users will be expected to contribute significantly to the maintenance fund for the instrument.  Former industrial users may also wish to renew their contact with Prof. Bruce Foxman, now on a retirement contract (781-736-2532, foxman1 at brandeis.edu).


Our policy is quite simple: the queue is based upon the arrival time of your request! That is, we simply have a first-come, first-served queue. The queue position is independent of whether the requestor is from Brandeis or an external institution. The queue may "stall" of course when a machine is down for repair or routine maintenance!


In unusual circumstances it may be possible for a user to move forward in the queue. For example, a review of a paper might require some information to be obtained in a short time frame. Such requests can usually be accommodated.


Finally, we welcome all users and make every attempt to treat everyone equally and with respect. If you believe that there are any problems with your use of the facility, contact either the Chair of the X-ray Facility Committee, Prof. Christine Thomas, thomasc at brandeis.edu, or the Chair of the Chemistry Department. The Chair will consult with the X-ray Facility Committee to review all such inquiries.


All crystals must be accompanied by a submission form that provides us with sufficient detail to plan an analysis that is likely to yield the required answers. Any questions may be directed to Dr. Dickie.


(Last updated 10 April 2017)




See the diffractometer in real-time (Username = XRAY; Password = LAUE)



Download form for crystal submission