MATH 47a (Introduction to Mathematical Research)

This is the web site for Math 47a, taught by Ira Gessel at Brandeis University in the spring of 2000. The topic of the course that year was Fibonacci numbers.

The main assignment for students was a final paper. Here is a list of the final papers of the students, all but one of which can be downloaded (in pdf format).

Course documents

Here are copies of some the class handouts in pdf format. Some of these have been revised from the versions given out in class.

Files to download

Here are some files that may be useful.

Maple files: These are in "Maple Text" format. To use them, open them in Maple as Maple Text.

Here's an archive of all three files as Maple worksheets. You will need Stuffit Expander to decode it.

LaTeX files:

TeX and LaTeX links

Here are some links to sites with information about TeX and LaTeX. You can find many further links through them. Here are some documents that you can download

The free program BBEdit Lite is very helpful in editing text files. Another Macintosh text editor is Alpha, which is more powerful than BBEdit, but more complicated. Alpha is shareware.

If you want your own copy of OzTeX, you can get it from the OzTeX home page. OzTeX is shareware. If you want to see the OzTeX documentation, you can find it in a file called ozuser.dvi on the Brandeis Macintosh file server; more precisely, it's in the folder
Macintosh File Server:Applications:OZtex 3.1:LaTeX-docs:

If you don't have the free program Stuffit Expander, which you will need to expand compressed and encoded files, you can download it from Aladdin Systems.

Fibonacci numbers

Here are some on-line references to the Fibonacci numbers:


Here is some online documentation on Maple:

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