Hungarian Dancing

in Boston, Massachusetts

This is a web page with information about Hungarian folk dancing in the Boston area.

Dance Class

There is an ongoing series of Hungarian dance classes taught by Dénes Takácsy at the Church of Saviour in Arlington on Sunday evenings from at 6:30 to 8:30 pm. The cost is $10 per class.

Starting Sunday, October 16, we will be working on the Sóvidéki dance cycle from the Székely region in central Transylvania. It is a very popular dance at Hungarian dance parties (táncház). We will be learning Sóvidéki from the very beginning, so if you have been eagerly awaiting the start of a new cycle to begin class, this is an excellent opportunity! If you are familiar with the Hungarian folk dance called Forgatós, then you have a basic knowledge of this dance already.

Please bring clean shoes to dance in, to protect the floor.

Here are directions to the Church of Our Saviour, 21 Marathon St. in Arlington. Marathon Street runs off Massachusetts Ave. in East Arlington about eight blocks from Alewife Brook Parkway (Rte. 16), and three blocks from the Capitol Theatre.

If you're coming up Mass. Ave. from Cambridge, turn right at the eighth street after Alewife Brook Parkway. (At the corner of Mass. Ave. and Marathon St. is Anthony's East Side Deli.)

If you're coming from Route 2 inbound, you should get off Route 2 at the Lake St. exit (the last exit before Alewife Brook Parkway) and take Lake St. towards Arlington until it ends at Mass. Ave. Turn right on Mass. Ave., then take the second left, which is Marathon.

Here is a map that shows the part of Arlington near the Church of Our Saviour. You might also want to look at the church's web site, which has directions and public transportation information.

There is usually plenty of parking on Marathon St., but please don't park on Warwick St., the small street next to the church perpendicular to Marathon St.

Mailing List

We have an e-mail mailing list with information about our classes and occasionally other events of related interest. To join our mailing list, send an email message to with the body subscribe forgas. To unsubscribe, send an email message to with the body unsubscribe forgas.

For questions about the mailing list, contact Ira Gessel

We also have a Facebook page.

Last updated October, 2016