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Curriculum Vitae

George J. Hall

Fred C. Hecht Professor in Economics

Chair, Department of Economics

Brandeis University


"US Federal Debt 1776-1960: Prices and Quantities" (with Jonathan Payne and Thomas Sargent), February 2018.
"Complications for the United States from International Credits: 1913-1940" (with Thomas Sargent), November 2017.

"Interest Rates and the Market for New Light Motor Vehicles" (with Adam Copeland and Louis Maccini), updated, November 2017.
"Simulated Minimum Distance Estimation of a Model of Optimal Commodity Price Speculation with Endogenously Sampled Prices" (with John Rust), July 2003. [postscript file] [pdf file]
This is a substantially revised version of the "Econometric Methods ..." paper.

"Econometric Methods for Endogenously Sampled Time Series: The Case of Commodity Price Speculation in the Steel Market" (with John Rust), revised July 2002. [postscript file] [pdf file]

"A Comparison of Discrete and Parameteric Approximation Methods for Continuous-State Dynamic Programming Problems" (with Hugo Benitez-Silva, Gunter Hitsch, Giorgio Pauletto, and John Rust), October 2000. This paper is preliminary and incomplete.

"An (S,s) Model of Commodity Price Speculation" (with John Rust), November 1999. [postscript file] [pdf file]


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