Matthew Headrick

Matthew Headrick

Assistant Professor
Martin Fisher School of Physics
Brandeis University

Office: Abelson 310
Office phone: 781-736-2858
E-mail: mph(at)

I am a member of the Brandeis High-Energy and Gravitational Theory Group. My research spans a variety of areas of theoretical and mathematical physics, including string theory, quantum field theory, quantum gravity, general relativity, geometry, quantum information theory, and statistical mechanics. I am currently focused on the use of concepts and tools from quantum information theory, such as entanglement entropies, to better understand field theories, gravitational theories, and holographic dualities connecting them.

My work is supported by a National Science Foundation CAREER grant.

During the fall semester, I will be teaching Physics 31b: Quantum Theory II and Physics 162a: Quantum Mechanics I. If you are an undergraduate and considering taking one of those courses, please see this note.

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