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Nucleogenesis! is a game with natural rules designed to familiarize students with nuclear reactions and the general "geography" of the table of nuclear isotopes.  Nucleogenesis! gives students extensive practice in manipulating nuclear reactions because the mechanics of the game require players to repeatedly calculate the outcome of nuclear reactions such as alpha and beta decays and fusions of nuclei with protons, neutrons, or alpha particles.  The game board itself is a truncated table of nuclear isotopes.  During the game, students will become familiar with the location of the "valley of stability" and the characteristic decay modes on each side of it. A more complete discussion of this game appears in the Journal of Chemical Education 76, 349-352 (1999).

Permission is given to reproduce the game from this site for classroom use only.

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Nucleogenesis! game rules

Nucleogenesis! game board

You need both to play!

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