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Anything Goes - Spring 2009

This past Spring semester, HTG brought the fun, vibrant, and colorful musical, “Anything Goes,” to the stage. The show, set on a boat in the 1930’s is “So Easy to Love,” made audiences reconnect with “The Gypsy in Me” leaving you feeling like “You’re the Top.”

The show was wildly successful, fun, and entertaining.

    Reno Sweeney:                 Abigail Clarke
    Billy Crocker:                Gabe Marwell
    Hope Harcourt:                 Madison Lyleroehr
    Lord Evelyn Oakleigh:             Robert Orzalli
    Moonface Martin:             Alex Davidson
    Erma:                    Marti Dembowitz
    Elisha Whitney:                 Jeff Horowitz
    Evangeline Harcourt:             Marissa Mlotek
    Captain of the S.S. American:     Bryan Prywes
    Purser of the S.S. American:         Dave Frederick
    Luke:                     Amanda Hoffman
    John:                     Janel Rabbani
    Reno’s Angels:
        Purity:                 Sara Miller
        Chastity:                 Marissa Reimer
        Charity:                 Johanna Wickenmeyer
        Virtue:                 Jessi Fixen
        Patience:                 Alyssa Kerr
        Joy:                     Elizabeth Abbate
    Sailor Quartet: Jordan Brown, Dave Frederick, Amanda Hoffman, and                     Aliza Sebert
    Fred the Bartender:             Herbie Rosen
    Henry T. Dobson:             Matthew Cohen
    Old Lady in a Wheelchair:         Adra Horn
    Reporter #1:                 Emily Levy
    Reporter #2:                 Sam Gagne
    News Photographer:             Brittany Aird
    FBI Agent #1:                 Marc Eder
    FBI Agent #2:                 Aliza Sebert

Ship’s Passengers and Sailors:
Brittany Aird, Matthew Cohen, Marc Eder, Ellie Einhorn, Lauren Elias, Sam Gagne, Adra Horn, Emily Levy, Leah Merker, Rebecca Meyer, Lisa Rapschuts, Herbie Rosen, Aliza Sebert, Paraska Tolan

Production Staff:
    Director:                 Lynda Bachman
    Producer:                 Anna Khandros
    Stage Manager:             Ben Elkin
    Assistant Stage Manager:     Nicole Litvak
    Executive Musical Director:     Katya Dreyer-Oren
    Musical Director:             Mindy Cimini
    Choreographer:             Jenna Gondelman
    Set Designer:             Mike Martin
    Light Designer:             David Sheppard-Brick
    Assistant Light Designer:     Alexandra Friedman
    Costume Designer:         Allison Simon
    Sound Designer:             Dan Lincoln
    Assistant Sound Designer:     Evan DelGaudio
    Master Carpenter:         Brian Melcher
    Rehearsal Pianist:         Ara Fink
    House Manager:             Jillian Moss
    Run Crew:                 Deborah Paradise, Carrie Richman
    Logo and Poster Design:     David Sheppard-Brick