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Fools - Fall 2007

The story of a town cursed with stupidity caused roaring laughter in the Shapiro Theater in the Fall of 2007. The play by Neil Simon tells of a teacher who comes to a lovable but dumb community, and falls in love with a beautiful but equally dumb professor’s daughter. The colorful and hilarious characters were only highlighted by the elaborate townscape and old-world set and costumes.

Cast: (in order of appearance)
    Leon Tolchinsky:                 Beck Holden
    Something Something Snetsky:     Scott Moerdler
    Magistrate Kupchik:            David Kuperstein
    Slovitch:                     Brendan Doris Pierce
    Mishkin:                    Jeff Horowitz
    Yenchna:                     Rishun Fukazawa
    Dr. Zubritsky:                Avram Mlotek
    Lenya Zubritsky:                Coretta Garlow
    Sophia Zubritsky:                Rachel Kurnos
    Count Gregor Yousekevitch:        Kenny Fuentes
Production Staff:
    Director:                       Suri Ellerton
    Co-Producers:              Lynda Bachman and Raquel Greenberg
    Stage Manager:                  Hannah Kaplan
    Assistant Stage Manager:        Sasha Parets   
    Co-Set Designers:          Aaron Arbiter and Danielle Garkinkel
    Lighting Designer:              Daniel Chavez
    Sound Designer:                  Dan Lincoln
    Co-Sound Designer/Board Op: Dan Reed
    Costume Designer:              Sam Negin
    Assistant Costumer:              Madeline Mayer
    Props Mistress:                  Jillian Moss