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HTG produces a straight play every fall semester, and an open cast musical every spring. At the end of each semester, a meeting is called to vote on the shows being proposed for HTG’s following season.
If there is a show that you want to bring to the HTG stage, this is you resource center:
-The rules and requirements for a show proposal can be found in our constitution.
-Examples of proposals for fall plays can be found here: Inherit the Wind ’08, Fools ‘07
-An example of a proposal for a spring musical can be found here: Once Upon a Mattress ’07
If you have any other questions about the details and requirements, how to assemble a production staff, or what the proposal and production process is like, please contact us. We are always available to help you in any way we can.

If you are looking to join a production team, please contact us. We will connect you to the shows in progress and will help you get started!
If you are not interested in proposing a show, but want to see what is in store for HTG each semester, our meetings are open to any and all members of the Brandeis community. Proposal meetings are held at the end of each semester, and auditions are held at the beginning of each season.
To get information about our meetings, the shows being proposed, auditions, and performances, join our mailing list!

Don't forget to join our facebook group!

A final resource for all theater enthusiasts is the UTC – the Undergraduate Theatre Collective. The UTC is the umbrella organization for all theater on campus – check out their website!