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Inherit the Wind - Fall 2008

This past fall semester, HTG brought the well-known story of the Scopes Monkey Trial to the Shapiro stage. The courtroom drama addresses the conflict between religion and science, and brings the debate of creationism vs. evolution to the forefront. The themes brought by the residents of Hillsboro are not confined to the South or to the 1920’s, but can and should be discussed in today’s world and in the Brandeis community as well. 

The colorful and vibrant characters in the large cast allowed the audiences each night to view the issues in multiple perspectives, keeping them entertained and interested.

HTG also ran a post-show event, “The Divine and Darwin,” where professors and students shared their thoughts about the social, political, and religious themes brought to life on the Brandeis stage.

Cast: (In order of appearance)
    Howard Blair:                    Savannah Pearlman
    Melinda:                        Aliza Sebert
    Rachel Brown:                    Suri Ellerton
    Meeker:                        Jordan Warsoff
    Bertram Cates:                    Alan Bittenson   
    Mrs. Goodfellow/Reuters Man:        Xan Weinstein
    Mrs. Krebs:                        Rachael Barr
    Reverend Jeremiah Brown:            Daniel Katz
    George Sillers:                    Josh Mandell
    Jesse H. Dunlap:                    Eric Engelstein
    Mrs. Blair:                        Jen Abidor   
    Elijah:                        Ernest Paulin
    E.K. Hornbeck:                    Adam Patterson
    Matthew Harrison Brady:            Daniel Liebman
    Mrs. Brady:                        Madison Lyleroehr
    Photographer:                    Gabrielle Geller
    Mayor:                        David Bass
    Tom Davenport:                    Alex Davidson
    Mrs. McLain    :                    Jacqueline Rothschild
    Bannister/Organ Grinder:            Nathan Hakimi
    Mrs. Loomis:                    Adra Horn
    Hot Dog Man/Harry Y. Esterbrook:        Ben Rifkin
    Henry S. Drummond:                Avram Mlotek
    Phil/Judge:                        Frank Scangarello

Production Staff:
    Director:                Marti Dembowitz
    Co-Producers:            Lynda Bachman and Carrie Richman
    Stage Manager:            Julia Marder
    Assistant Stage Manager:    Allie Berger
    Executive Set Designer:    Alex Friedman
    Co-Set Designers:        Claire Cooper and Anna Khandros
    Lighting Designer:        David Sheppard-Brick
    Executive Sound Designer:    Dan Lincoln
    Sound Designer:            Nick Gordon
    Costume Designer:        Carolyn Burns
    House Manager:            Jenna Gondelman