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Once Upon A Mattress - Spring 2008

    Many moons ago, in a far off place
    Lived a handsome prince with a gloomy face,
    For he did not have a bride.
    Oh, he sighed alas!
     And he pined, alas,
    But alas the Prince couldn’t find a lass
    Who would suit his mother’s pride.

The untold story of the Princess and the Pea was brought to the Brandeis stage in the Spring of 2008. The mute king, moat-swimming princess, sinister Queen, and lovable prince were received with open arms and sold-out audiences.

The energy of the show was infectious – the story itself was entertaining, but it was the cast that made the production even more exciting and enjoyable. The castle set and medieval costumes looked fantastic, and transported the audiences to the magical kingdom night after night.

        Princess Winnifred:         Julie Stein
        Prince Dauntless:         Jason Fenster
        Queen Aggravain:        Yonina Fleischman
        King Sextimus:            Scott Moerdler
        The Jester:                 Marti Dembowitz
        The Minstrel:             Avram Mlotek
        Lady Larken:            Elizabeth Abbate
        Sir Harry:                David Kuperstein
        The Wizard:            Alex Davidson
        Sir Studley:                Binny Kagedan
        Sir Luce:                Russell Perry
        Lady Rowena:            Jackie Feinberg
        Lady Lucille:            Hannah Weisman
        Lady Merril:            Rachel Copel
        Lady Brienne:            Allie Winer
        Lady Mabelle:            Ariella Katz
        Princess No. 12:            Rachel Katie Gold
        Nightingale of Samarkand:    Lynda Bachman
        Lady #1:                Randy Zegman
        Lady #2:                Taylor Hamilton
        Lady #3:                Yael Rooks-Rapport
        Emily:                Julia Marder

Lords and Ladies of the Kindgom:
Ari Abelman, Lisa Aremband, Leah Merker, Sarah Miller, Janel Rabbani, Jennifer Weston, and Nika Vizcarra
Production Staff:
        Director:                 Missy Mlotek
        Producer:                   Jen Diakun
        Stage Manager:             David Bass
        Assistant Stage Manager: Julia Marder    
        Music Director:            Dan Newman
        Assistant Music Director:   Michael Shafir   
        Choreographer:                    Jenna Gondelman
        Set Designer:            Alexandra Friedman
        Lighting Designer:        Rebecca Cohen   
        Exec. Lighting Designer:   Daniel Chavez
        Sound Designer:            Jen Diakun
        Costume Designer:        Naomi Adland
        House Manager:            Shaked Hoter
        Master Carpenter:         Amy Brooks
        Run Crew:                  Jeff Horowitz and Carrie Richman