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Thoroughly Modern Millie - Spring 2006

In the Spring of 2006, HTG brought us back to the 20’s complete with flapper dresses and a speakeasy. The story of a small town girl trying to make it in the big city made audiences believe that success in the big city was possible, even when your landlady was running a white slave trade. The audience “Turned the corner” to see “How the other half lives” and saw that they couldn’t “Forget about the boy” after all. All they could do was appreciate the crazy “Muquin”s we all encounter, for people like that are “Only in New York.”

    Millie Dillmount:                    Missy Mlotek
    Jimmy Smith:                     Jacob Lazar
    Miss Dorothy Brown:                Rachel Kurnos
    Mrs. Meers:                        Yael Mazor
    Trevor Graydon:                    Avram Mlotek
    Muzzy Van Hossmere:                Gavi Young
    Ching Ho:                        Scott Moerdler
    Bun Foo:                        Marti Dembowitz
    Ms. Flannery:                    Allie Winer
    Dorothy Parker, New Modern, Ensemble:    Elizabeth Abbate
    Ruth:                            Rachel Gold
    Gloria:                        Kait O’Leary
    Rita:                            Debra Fricano
    Alice, Dance Captain:                Hannah King
    Cora:                            Taylor Hamilton
    Lucille:                        Jackie Feinberg
    Ethel Peas:                        Susan Landau
    Daphne, Ensemble:                Coretta Garlow
    Ensemble:                        Adra Horn
    Mathilde, Pearl Lady, Ensemble:        Ivy Hest
    The Letch, Dexter, Ensemble:        Jeff Horowitz
    Ensemble:                        Amy Klesert
    Ensemble:                        Katie Kosstrin
    Ensemble:                        Liz Macedo
    Ensemble:                        Leah Merker
    Rodney, Ensemble:                Alex Davidson
    Ensemble:                        Sara Tess Neumann
    Kenneth, Ensemble:                Russell Perry
    Policeman, Ensemble:                Rebecca Ratner
    Ensemble:                        Lisa Schwartz

Production Staff:
    Director:                Jason Fenster
    Co-Producers:             Jen Diakun and David Bass
    Stage Manager:            Lara Billet
    Assistant Stage Manager:    Lynda Bachman
    Music Director:            Katya Dreyer-Oren
    Choreographer:            Sarah Lipsey
    Set Designer:            Alexandra Friedman
    Costume Designer:        Brittany Erlich
    Assistant Costumer:        Naomi Adland
    Lighting Designer:        Ben Kramer
    Sound Designer:            Dan Lincoln
    House Manager:            Melissa Mollen
    Light Board Operator:        Sam Reid
    Master Carpenter, Run Crew:    Mike Martin
    Run Crew:                Carrie Richman and Yael Rooks-Rapport