Kiyoshi Igusa

Professor, Brandeis University

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Ph.D., Princeton University, Advisor: Allen Hatcher
Research Interests:

Online registration is still open for the Maurice Auslander Distinguished Lectures and International Conference. Here is the final version of the schedule. Updates will be posted later. This is an annual conference in honor of Maurice Auslander, a Brandeis Mathematician of great influence with many successful students including Gordana Todorov and Alex Martsinkovsky who organize this annual event at Northeastern University.

Contact information:

Kiyoshi Igusa
Department of Mathematics
Brandeis University
P O Box 9110
Waltham, MA 02454-9110

Office telephone: (781) 736-3062 (but I prefer email)
Email: igusa(at)brandeis(dot)edu
FAX: (781) 736-3085