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 •  Are finite type picture groups virtually special?  
  Conference on Geometric Methods in Representation Theory, University of Iowa, Nov 18-20, 2017. Reporting on the project of Eric Hanson to solve the problem in the title (and learn all the definitions!)
 •  Horizontal and vertical mutation fans. (Expanded lecture notes)  
  Workshop on Cluster Algebras and Related Topics, July 10-13, 2017. Chern Institute of Mathematics, Tianjin, China.
We introduce diagrams for m-cluster categories which we call “horizontal” and “vertical” mutation fans. These are analogous to the mutation fans (also known as “semi-invariant pictures” or “scattering diagrams”) for the standard (m = 1) cluster case which are dual to the poset of finitely generated torsion classes. The purpose of these diagrams is to visualize mutations and analogues of maximal green sequences in the m-cluster category with special emphasis on the c-vectors (the “brick” labels). v2: definition of horizontal, vertical algebras corrected.
 •  Categories of noncrossing partitions.  
  Korean Institute of Advanced Studies (KIAS) Conference on Cluster Algebras in Combinatorics and Topology, Dec 15, 2014.
Report on the paper arXiv:1411.0196, consentrating on the last section comparing my category with that of Hubery-Krause.
 •  Category of noncrossing partitions.  
  Everytopic seminar, Brandeis University, Jan 30, 2014.
Report on joint work with Kent Orr, Gordana Todorov and Jerzy Weyman reinterpretted purely combinatorially.
 •  Categories of representations of cyclic posets.  
  Representation theory seminar, Northeastern University, Sept 14, 2012.
This is a longer version of a 20 minute talk given at the ICRA2012, Bielefeld, Germany in August, 2012.
 •  Continuous Space-out Cluster Category. (slides)  
  AMS Spring Sectional Meeting Iowa, 2011,   Iowa City, Iowa,   March 20, 2011.  
This is a preliminary report on a joint paper with Gordana Todorov entitled "Continuous cluster tilted categories". This is the sequel to the paper "Continuous cluster categories" which is being written at the same time. See my selected papers page for a preliminary version of the paper or click here.
 •  Space-out m-clusters. (slides) with two extra pages here.  
  Canadian Mathematical Society 2010 Summer Meeting CMS 2010,   Fredericton, New Brunswick,   June 5, 2010.  
This is a preliminary report on a joint paper with Gordana Todorov.
 •  Hatcher handles and the Rigidity conjecture. (slides)  
  Canadian Mathematical Society 2010 Summer Meeting CMS 2010,   Fredericton, New Brunswick,   June 4, 2010.  
This is a report on the paper Exotic smooth structures on topological fibre bundles (with Sebastian Goette) on my selected papers page or go to: ArXiv:1011.4653
 •  Comparison of views on finitistic projective dimension. (some errors corrected)  
  XXIst MEETING ON REPRESENTATION THEORY OF ALGEBRAS   University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada   Oct 2, 2009.   Lecture repeated in Montevideo, Uruguay  March 5, 2010.
 •  Outline of higher Igusa-Klein torsion.   (references fixed)
  Workshop on Higher Reidemeister Torsion   American Institute of Mathematics, Palo Alto, CA   Oct 19-23, 2009  
 •  Axioms for higher torsion (2003)  
  Lecture on Sept 7, 2003. Notes from Sept 28, 2003. Conference on Higher Reidemeister Torsion, Gottinghen, Germany,   Sept 1-7, 2003.  
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