At home, Feb 2012

Parents and brothers (Mitsuru and Takeru), February 2012

Parents and children (Gregory and Sonja), June 2013

Sonja making stuffed hearts, Feb 14, 2012

Auslander Conference organizers with Ragnar Buchweitz at WHOI in Woods Hole, April 2012.

Gordana Todorov and Otto Kerner at ICRA in Bielefeld, August 2012.

with Ralf Schiffler in Bielefeld, August 2012.

Gregory, Wondra, Gordana, Sonja at home in Berkeley, November 17, 2012

with coauthors Juan Carlos Bustamante and Ralf Schiffler, Sherbrooke, May, 2012.

Guanajuato, December 2012:

at Hotel Guanajuato                          Downtown Guanajuato

Raymundo Bautista and Shiping Liu at Guanajuato

with Eduardo Markos and Thomas Bruestle at CIMAT in Guanajuato

at home with Sonja and Gordana (taking picture), January 1, 2013.