Brandeis University
Putnam Practice Sessions

in the Math Common Room (Goldsmith 300)
Thursdays 2:45-4pm

We will have the LAST meeting of the Putnam Problem Sessions on Thursday, Dec 4 at 2:45pm.
Please feel free to come just for the PIZZA !
We will try to solve math problems such as the problem below.

Problem from last week

For which real numbers a0 does the sequence given by an+1=2an-n2 have an>0 for all n?

date, time what
  Sept 25, 2:15-3:30   Organizational meeting: about 7 students came to the meeting
and we have a lively discussion and solved some problems.
  Oct 2,  2:45-4   Second meeting. About 8 of us tried to do several problems and, with teamwork, we solved one.
  This was a fun problem: Suppose that f,g are two differentiable function on the real line so that
  f(x+y)=f(x)f(y)-g(x)g(y), g(x+y)=f(x)g(y)+f(y)g(x) and f'(0)=0 . Then show that
  f(x)2+g(x)2=1 for all x
  Oct 9   Yom Kippur. No meeting.
  Oct 16,   2:45-4   Third meeting. About 6 of us met and we had some fun but I don't remember what happened.
  Oct 23   MEET THE MAJORS. No Putnam meeting.
  Oct 30,   2:45-4   Fourth meeting. There were 6 of us. We solved several problems but we gave up on the group theory problem above.
  Nov 6,   2:45-4   Fifty meeting. There were only 4 of us but we solved a lot of problem and we ate all (2) pizzas!
  Nov 13,   2:45-4   Second to last meeting. There were a bunch of us and we solved several problems and ran out of food!
  Nov 20 and 27   No meetings. I was in the UK. (I am back now.)
  Dec 4, 2:45-4   Last meeting! I will make sure we have plenty of pizza for the last meeting!
  Dec 6, 10-1, 3-6   The Putnam!! Are you ready for this? I will supply lunch. Can you solve one problem in 3 hours?

--Kiyoshi Igusa, Brandeis Putnam Coach

Updated: 12/2/08, 1pm.