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Putnam Meetings 2017

Spring meetings of the Putnam group: We are now the Math Club!
We will discuss Putnam question from previous year while eating PIZZA and other snacks.
(Regular weekly Putnam sessions are planned for Wednesdays at 5:30pm.) These meetings will continue Spring and Fall! So please come.

date, time place what
  Wednesday, Oct 4, 2017, 5:30-7 pm   Room 101     previous meeting  
  Wednesday, Oct 11, 2017, 5:30-7 pm   Room 101     next meeting  
  Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017, 5:30-7 pm   Room 101     meeting  

We have a Putnam mailing list on lists.brandeis please contact me to be added to the list.
It is time to sign up for the Putnam Competition! Also, we always need extra students to sign up and NOT show up,
so please sign up even if you are not sure! Someone will take your place at the actual Putnam!
For more information see Official Putnam site or MAA Putnam site.
--Kiyoshi Igusa, Brandeis Putnam Coach

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