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A lil' glimpse of In Sync

Ever since its founding in 1986, In Sync has maintained a strong musical presence at Brandeis University as its oldest all-female a cappella group. Their repertoire includes fabulous '80s and '90s pop songs (as well as some oldies-but-goodies), all of which are listed here. Some of their awesome songs can also be found on their CD, "On That Note," which was released in 1996. Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester; sign-ups can often be found on the call board in Usdan and at the Activities Fair.

The "no fella a cappella" gals of In Sync arrange and perform a variety of songs for both on and off campus venues, from coffeehouses to bar mitzvahs. They are available during the regular school year from mid-September to early May, and can be contacted here for gigs and any other related questions.

When they're not performing, these lovely ladies can often can be found dancing in front of the windows of the music building, sound jamming in the dark, pretending to be a particular boy band (whose name came later!), or looking in water spouts for a little alligator who goes by the name of Alfred. Be on the look-out for their many awesome gigs!

Homemade like cookies!
(From left to right)
Becca, Kelly, Chris, Sarah Bl., and Stephy D