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We are a group of Brandeis University students of various nationalities and backgrounds who want to organize expeditions along the Israel National Trail. We are interested in experiencing Israel outside the context of traditional guided tours, and developing a better understanding of the region.




Our mission is to use these unique wilderness and cultural elements of the Israel National Trail to inspire character development, personal growth, and develop team building and leadership skills.


About the Trail


The Israel National Trail (INT) is a footpath that winds its way from the Red Sea in the south to the Syrian/Lebanese border in the north. The trail crosses the Negev Desert, past three seas, alongside ancient ruins and through modern cities. Until recently, few non-Israelis have known about the trail. However, the INT is quickly becoming renowned as one of the worldŐs great long-distance treks.


The trail functions as a cross-section of IsraelŐs diverse cultures, religions, and ethnicities, and also as a cross-section of the countryŐs diverse geography. In addition, Israel has one of the most extensively-developed networks of trails in the world, making it possible for individuals and groups to experience a wide range of outdoor activities.

Created by Michael A. Singer, 2009