Caren Irr


Department of English

Brandeis University

Waltham, MA 02454 USA




US literature and culture since 1900 * critical theory * film and media studies * 21st-century writing * global studies


RESEARCH (see also CV)


-Toward the Geopolitical Novel: U.S. Fiction in the 21st Century (Columbia University Press, 2013)

        Here is an interview about the book.


-Pink Pirates:  Contemporary American Women Writers and Copyright (Iowa 2010)

-The Suburb of Dissent:  Cultural Politics in the United States and Canada during the 1930s (Duke 1998)

-Rethinking the Frankfurt School:  Alternative Legacies of Cultural Critique (co-ed., SUNY 2002)

-On Jameson:  From Postmodernism to Globalization (co-ed., SUNY 2006)


In the Works:

-Orphan Stories (in progress).  A dissection of the most common contemporary fantasies about children growing up without the care of their biological parents.

-Politics and the Green Novel:  Eco-fiction in English since 1980 (in progress). A group of essays on environmentalist versions of the political novel.




Fall 2015:

ENG 28a: Contemporary Environmental Writing

For 2015, focuses on climate fiction—J.G. Ballard, Ursula Le Guin, Margaret Atwood, David Mitchell, and others. Some consideration of dystopian film as well.

Spring 2016:

ENG 130a: Representing Poverty

-traces the visual language used in global cinema to represent people living in extreme poverty. Begins with mid-century neo-realist classics (The Bicycle Thief, Los Olvidados) but concentrates on contemporary alternatives to realism (City of God, Rosetta, Slumdog Millionaire, and others).



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