Caren Irr

Curriculum Vitae



Brandeis University. Waltham, MA.  Since 1999.

           -Professor of English, 2010-.

           -Associate Professor of English, 2002-2010.

           -Assistant Professor of English, 1999-2002.

Pennsylvania State University.  University Park, PA. 

            -Assistant Professor of English, 1994-1999.



Ph.D. in English, Duke University. Durham, NC. 1994.

M.A. in English, Duke University. Durham, NC. 1990.

B.A. in English, with honors, Swarthmore College. Swarthmore, PA. 1987.  Minors in Art History and Philosophy.




Toward the Geopolitical Novel: U.S. Fiction in the 21st Century (NY:  Columbia University Press, 2013).

Pink Pirates:  Contemporary American Women Writers and Copyright (Iowa City:  University of Iowa Press, 2010).

The Suburb of Dissent:  Cultural Politics in the United States and Canada during the 1930s (Durham:  Duke University Press, 1998).


Edited Volumes:

On Jameson:  From Postmodernism to Globalization. Co-edited with Ian Buchanan (Albany:  SUNY 2006).

Rethinking the Frankfurt School:  Alternative Legacies of Cultural Critique. Co-edited with Jeffrey T. Nealon. (Albany:  SUNY, 2002).


Journal Articles:

“Climate Fiction in English” in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature.  Eds. Paula Rabinowitz et al. (Oxford, UK:  Oxford University Press, 2017): 1-22.

“Neomedievalism in the Contemporary City Novel:  Tobár, Adichie, Lee.” Canadian Review of Comparative Literature.  42: 4 (December 2015):  421-436.

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"A Challenge for Post-National American Studies," American Literary History 20:  3 (Summer 2008):  601-608.

"The Americanization of Yoga?:  Understanding Intellectual Property in the Context of Global Capitalism." Genre 38 (Fall 2005):  281-307. 

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"Political Surveillance:  Notes on Reading an FBI File," Found Object (Spring 1994):  91-112.


Book Chapters:

“Neoliberal Childhoods:  The Orphan as Entrepreneur in Contemporary Anglophone Fiction” in Neoliberalism and Contemporary Literary Culture.  Eds. Rachel Greenwald Smith and Mitchum Huehls.   (Johns Hopkins UP 2017): 220-236.

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"Introduction" (with Ian Buchanan) in On Jameson (see above): 1-14.

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"The Politics of Spatial Phobias in Native Son," in Critical Essays on Richard Wright's Native Son, ed. Keneth Kinnamon (Twayne 1997):  196-212.


Online Publications and Websites:

“An Althusser for the 21st Century.”  Mediations. 30: 2  (July 2017): 29-36. 

"Empire and the Commons," the electronic book review (posted December 2005).

"On RTMark, or the Limits of Intellectual Property Hacktivism," in Web Authority:  Online Domination and the Informatics of Resistance, eds. Marc Bousquet and Katherine Wills. September 2003. 

“Representing Poverty:  Global Film, Economics, Aesthetics.”  Since Summer 2015.


Reviews and Review Essays:

“Where in the World Is US Literature?” American Literary History Review Online (March 2018): 1-15.

Review of Affect and American Literature in the Age of Neoliberalism by Rachel Greenwald Smith and Orgies of Feeling:  Melodrama and the Politics of Freedom by Elizabeth Anker.  American Literature (December 2016):  866-868.

Review of Scandals and Abstraction:  Financial Fiction of the Long 1980s by Leigh Claire La Berge.  American Literary History Online Review.  Series VI (March 2016).

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"Realism and Utopia," Polygraph 6/7 (1993):  205-208.

"New Word Order:  The Recycling of the Literary 1930s." (review essay) Polygraph 4 (1992):  257-262.


Encyclopedia Entries:

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Participant, Roundtable on Ideology Critique. MLA. Chicago, IL.  January 2019.

Pneuma:  Breathing Environmental Justice.”  MLA.  Chicago, IL.  January 2019.

“The Urban Ecology of Jim Jarmusch’s Paterson.”  EcoMedia.  University of California at Santa Barbara.  June 2018.

Oikeiosis and Affirmation.”  Marxism and Biopolitics.  University of Florida.  March 2018.

“Ecostoicism, or Notes on Franzen.”  Post45.  Middletown, CT.  October 2017.

“Remembering the 1930s in Contemporary American Historical Fiction.”  American Literature Association.  Boston, MA.  May 2017.

“Reading Infrastructure Ekphrastically:  The Orphanage in Hanya Yanigihara's A Little Life.”  MLA.  Philadelphia, PA.  January 2017.

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“Neoliberal Childhoods: Figuring the Orphan in Contemporary American Fiction.” Neoliberalism and American Literature. University College, Dublin, Ireland. February 2015.

Organizer and Moderator, “Ideology and ISAs Today: On Althusser's On the Reproduction of Capitalism.” MLA. Vancouver, BC. January 2015.

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"Amputated Slave Bodies in Katherine Dunn's Geek Love," Society for the Study of Narrative Literature.  Berkeley, CA.  March 2003.

Panelist, Gender and Music Working Group, Tufts University, April 2002.

"American Intellectual Property and Global Yoga."  Circulations: "America" and Globalization. Gainesville, FL.  February 2002.

"(On Not) Owning the Fruits of Immaterial Labor," Modern Language Association.  New Orleans, LA.  December 2001.

"The Grounds of Globalization:  Jameson's Sublation of 1960s Marxism," Globalicities. East Lansing, MI.  October 2001.

"How American is the World Intellectual Property Organization?" American Studies Association.  Detroit, MI.  October 2000.

"Pink-Collar Media," 100 Years of Popular Culture.  Pittsburgh, PA.  September 2000.

"Reflections on Adorno," 100 Years of Popular Culture, pre-conference session. Pittsburgh, PA.  September 2000.

"All Published Literature is World Bank Literature," Marxism 2000.  Amherst, MA.  September 2000.

"The Concept of Property Long After Engels," Marxism 2000.  Amherst, MA.  September 2000.

"Intellectual Property and the Logic of Conspiracy:  Some Discussion of a 1984 Case Involving Nuns, Nazis, Mothers, and Hummel Figurines," International Society for the Study of Narrative.  Atlanta, GA.  April 2000.

Approximately 20 more talks 1989-2000.



Fields of Expertise:

            Critical theory; contemporaneity; film and media studies; global studies; the novel.


Recent Course Titles:

Undergraduate literature:  21st-Century American Literature, American Fiction since 1945, Contemporary Environmental Writing

Film/Media Studies:  Alternative and Underground Journalism, American Independent Film, The Films of Disney, Representing Poverty

Theory:  Literature and Geography, Digital Media and Culture, Introduction to Cultural Studies, Capitalism and Culture

Graduate:  Environmental Humanities, Capitalism and the American Novel, Childhood and the Modern Novel, Reading Revolutions, Copyright and Contemporary American Fiction, The Worlds of American Fiction, Methods of Literary Study.


Graduate Advising:

Director, seventeen PhD students.  Brandeis.  2006-

Second reader, nine PhD students, Penn State and Brandeis.

External examiner, four PhD dissertations.  Dalhousie University (Canada), Uppsala University (Sweden), University of North Carolina, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Tamil Nadu (India).

Director, six Masters essays, English MA and Joint MA in English and Women's and Gender Studies, Brandeis.



Member, advisory board: PMLA, 2017-2020; American Literary History, 2016-; Contemporary Literature, 2017-; journal of modern literature, 2017-.

Reviewer, book manuscripts and research proposals for ACLS, Continuum, Columbia University Press, Duke University Press, Oxford University Press, Palgrave MacMillan, Routledge, Social Science and Humanities Research Council (Canada), University of Iowa Press, University of Minnesota Press, University of Toronto Press, and others.

Peer reviewer, PMLA, Twentieth Century Literature, Studies in the Novel, American Literary History, Pedagogy, College Literature, African Cultural Studies, MELUS, Contemporary Literature, Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature, The Explicator, Studies in American Fiction, Post45, and others.



English Department:

Chair, Department of English, Brandeis University.  2015-2020 (on leave 2017-18).

Director of Graduate Studies, English Department, Brandeis. 2004-06, 2011-13, 2014-15.

Undergraduate Advising Head, English Department, Brandeis.  2000-02.


Interdepartmental and University:

Member, Executive Board, Film, Television and Interactive Media Program.  Brandeis, 2011-17.

Member, Executive Board, History of Ideas Program.  Brandeis, 2015-.

Member, Master of Arts in Comparative Humanities.  Brandeis, 2014-.

Member, Rabb Council for Graduate and Professional Studies, Brandeis. 2014-15.

Member, Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities, Brandeis. 2014-15.

Member, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Brandeis.  2008-10.



Modern Language Association

American Comparative Literature Association



French (intermediate), Spanish (intermediate), German (basic), Czech (basic), Amharic (elementary), modern Greek (elementary)



Available on request.