Written by Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

"Heavenly Prologue" was translated by Janna Kaplan in 2009. Click here for a PDF document with the original German text. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document.


In harmony of joyous light
And cosmic spheres' unchanging sound
The Sun rolls on; with thunderous stride
It follows its predestined round.
Divine Creation streams away
Unfathomed brilliance, might and splendor;
And space is filled with sense of wonder
As glorious as on its Primal Day.

The Earth, in its galactic flight,
Unbounded speed, unseen direction,
Forever caught in swift succession
Of night and day, of gloom and light.
The oceans rave, the land is barren,
Huge mountains shake with awesome force;
Engulfed are waters, lands and air
In the spheres' wild, eternal course.

The tempests violently roar
From sea to land, from land to sea;
The world, it seems, is taken over
By Nature's boundless energy.
The lightnings blaze with quakes and thunder
The ground trembles deep and wide;
And yet, at times, in tranquil wonder,
Eternal light from Heaven shines.

All Three:
Through deepened Faith we fathom, humbled,
Creation's grand and splendid way,
And Thine exalted work is now
As glorious as on its Primal Day.