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    <h1>Introduction to Algebra II (MATH 30b, Spring 2007)</h1>


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    [ <a href="#policies">Policies &amp; Procedures</a> |

    <a href="#schedule">Schedule of Lectures</a> ]


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        <p><strong>Day &amp; Time:</strong> Monday and Wednesday 

        1:20 &#8212; 2:35pm</p>

<p><strong>Location:</strong> <em> 312 Math </em></p>


        <a href="m&#97;ilto:jbellaic&#64;m&#97;th.brandeis.edu"> 

        Joël Bellaïche </a> </p>

<p><strong>Office Hours:</strong>  

Tuesday 2:30pm-4:30pm and on appointment</p>

        <p><strong>Teaching assistant :TBA 



<p><strong>Textbook:</strong> John B. Fraleighj <cite>First Course in Abstract Algebra

        </cite> seventh edition, 

        Adison-Wesley , 2003. ISBN 0201763907.



<p><strong>Prerequisites:</strong> Introduction to Algebra I or the equivalent.</p>

        <p><strong> Examinations:</strong> There will be two in class

        tests.  The first will  be on

        <em> Wednesday, February 1</em> and the second on

        <em>Monday, November 13</em>. The final

        exam is a take-home exam






      <dt><strong>Assessment:</strong> The course grades will be

      computed as follows:</dt>

      <dd>30% Homework</dd>

      <dd>20% First test</dd>

      <dd>20% Second test</dd>

      <dd>30% Take-Home Final exam</dd>


    <p><strong>Tests and Exams:</strong> There are no makeups for

    missed tests.  You must take the final examination at the time

    scheduled by the university; no final exams will be given


    <p><strong> Homework: </strong> There will be two kinds of

    homework: </p>


      <li><cite>Exercises</cite> give you a chance to practice and

      refine your basic calculus skills.  They will not be


      <li><cite>Graded homework:</cite> 

There will be three graded homework due at regularly spaced dates to be annouced in class.

Each of them is worth 10% of the final garde.  </ul>


    <p><strong>Written work:</strong> We write to communicate.  Please

    bear this in mind as you complete assignments and take exams.

    You must

    explain your work in order to obtain full credit; an assertion is

    not an answer. 

    student or professor.</p>

    <p><strong>Help:</strong> Help is available if you have trouble

    with homework or lecture material.  My office hours are a good

    place to start.  Discussions with your classmates can also be very helpful

and are strongly encouraged. You may also ask the TA.



    <h2><a name="schedule">Schedule of Lectures</a></h2>

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        <td><strong>Suggested Exercises</strong></td>



      <tr valign="top">

        <td>Jan 16</td>

        <td>Introduction. Rings and Fields </td>