Everytopic seminar

Everytopic Seminar
Fall 2009
Friday, 1:40pm-3:00pm

Schedule of talks (all talks at 1:40pm in room 226)

Schmidt games and orbits of torus endomorphisms
   DATE         SPEAKER                  TITLE           
Sep 11 Paul Monsky (Brandeis University)
Hilbert-Kunz multiplicities, rational, irrational algebraic(?), and transcendental(?)
Sep 25 Kristen Wickelgren (Harvard University)
Anabelian geometry and obstructions to homotopy sections
Oct 2 Ben Webster (MIT)
Categorification and topology
Oct 23 Jon Chaika (Rice University)
Shrinking targets for interval exchange transformations and sequences
Nov 6 Scott Carnahan (MIT)
Genus zero functions in generalized moonshine.
Thursday, Nov 12, 3:30pm John Duncan (Cambridge University)
Rademacher sums, moonshine and black holes
Nov 20 Robert Pollack (Boston University)
Iwasawa theory for non-ordinary modular forms
Dec 4 Ryan Broderick (Brandeis University)